MS Excel Repair Tool

Have you ever faced the following issues with your MS Excel Files?
  • Whenever you do calculation or function with an improper type such as taking the complete value of the string (#VALUE!)
  • You are using an unknown function (#NAME?)
  • You’ll be dividing by zero (#DIV/0!)
  • The cell you are submitting shall not be a valid cell address (#REF!)
  • In the cell the numeric result will appear too large (#NUM!)
  • You will find no data or null in the cell (#NULL)
  • Some different situation will be caused like (#N/A)

It looks that you are answer is “Yes” and you are unable to access your Ms excel file the reason might be that your file has been corrupted. No need to worry all you need to do for restoring its content and data you have to use MS Excel Repair Tool in order to repair your corrupted data it will easily repair your data without damaging your original text, fonts etc.

MS Excel File Recovery

About Microsoft (MS) Excel:

Microsoft (MS) Excel considered being one of the most popular spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft used all over the world for calculation, tabulate data, graphing tools, listing, pivot tables and many more. Every one rely on it from students to sales executives, marketing professionals, business heads, accountants or any other professionals all of them want their important data to be in a organized way. Similar like other file the problem may occur with XLS spreadsheet that it might catch corruption. Whatever might be the reason of the corruption in the file, it may lead to inaccessibility of data stored in it.

Reasons behind the corruption of Microsoft Excel file:

Behind the corruption of Microsoft Excel data there are various reasons that damages your excel sheet and leaves it inaccessible. When you need your the file and found it corrupted that is a very tough situation. Here are few issues that occur when your Ms Excel file is corrupted–

  • Improper shut down plays a vital role in corruption or damage to your files.
  • Hard drive might develop a bad sector due to constantly using it or there might other reason for its bad sector as MS Excel file is within that sector so it is corrupted and damaged.
  • Software issues can also corrupt your file and you’ll be unable to open your file.
  • Virus or malicious software are also harmful for your MS Excel file they can even damage and corrupts your files.

How to repair corrupted or damaged or Inaccessible MS Excel files?

When you find your file corrupted or you can say that the data you stored in MS Excel has become inaccessible the only option is to repair and restore your data. You can even restore the back-up of the corrupted files. In this case you have MS Excel Repair Tool which is designed to recover and repair the corrupted file or inaccessible files. It removes the contents from the corrupted file and rebuilds a new file that can be easily accessed. It easily recovers deleted excel spreadsheets along with the other important things such as formatting, charts, images, graphs, hyperlinks and indentation etc. This powerful recovery tool even rebuilds XLS, XLSX or any other format. Within few second it can repair your damaged files so just download MS Excel Repair Tool without wasting time and repair & restore your files.

Features of MS Excel Repair Software:

This software possesses a unique power to repair corrupted MS Excel files. Here are the few outstanding features of this tool:

  • Recover everything without facing any problems: – With the help of this tool you can easily repair and get everything back in your file. You can recover every single object in your file without any slightest modification and even you can restore formatting of the charts, user defined charts, numbers, and texts.
  • Recover your worksheet along with the properties: – You can repair your corrupted Window Excel file/Mac and restores the original new healthy excel workbook. This tool saves you’re affected files and restore its exact file.
  • Removes all corruption errors from excel file:– This tool is useful for every corruption in your worksheet. You can easily overcome a variety of error that arises in your excel data.
  • Easy to repair:– This tool minimizes your anger on your damaged MS Excel workbooks.MS Excel Repair tool helps you to repair your corrupted files by identifying the corruption as well as it fixes the damage and restores the file back to a new healthy file. Not only this, it even repairs a batch of corrupted files in just a single attempt.